You know in your heart you’re meant to be a parent.

I know in my heart I’m meant to help you get there.

becca-testHi, I’m Rebecca

(you can call me Becca).

Founder of RG Adoption Consulting, adoptive mom, and unflinching optimist dedicated to helping you start the family you know you’re meant to have — without wasting any more precious time.

My team and I are here to hold your hand through every step of the domestic adoption process from home study to finalization, so you never feel confused, lost, or on your own. With my proven (pinky swear) 4-step Adoption Roadmap℠, my team’s goal is to help you bring your baby home in less than one year, whether you’re…single, gay, already have kids, and/or over 40.
Your heart and mind are ready to embrace adoption.

If your journey is anything like mine, getting to this point hasn’t been easy (or pretty).

You’ve shed tears, lost sleep, savings, and at times, hope. You’ve searched your soul and looked for signs of what’s meant to be (and what isn’t). Now, you’re determined to take charge of your story. To be open to new possibilities. To push judgements aside. To embrace difference, be it ethnic, racial or cultural. To let a new little heart, mind and soul shape the future of your family. Without a clear roadmap or guidance, the adoption process can leave you feeling overwhelmed with options, lost in a sea of unfamiliar language and misinformation, and alone during the hardest part: waiting.

As adoption consultants, we advocate for one person: You.
To us — and to the right birthmom — the only things that matter are your big heart, open mind, and glass-half-full spirit. Learn More!
Meet a few of our happy families!
“With each step (home study, profile, matching and placement), Rebecca was there to guide us through. We matched with our birthmother six weeks after applying to our agencies, and two weeks after that, had our son in our arms!” Simone & Joe

“For the first time, I felt like I had someone on my side to guide me through this adoption journey, which felt particularly overwhelming. Six months after our initial conversation, my dream came true, and today my heart is so full.” Dominique

“Becca’s mode of signing up with a number of agencies with lower application fees in hopes that our profile would be shown to more expectant mothers, really resonated with us. And boy did our profile get shown! It felt like forever, but took only 6 months.” Megan & Dan

Back To The Roadmap

We wish we could promise to protect every client’s heart from experiencing a failed adoption. But sometimes, no matter how thoughtfully we vet a situation or how optimistic we are, birth parents change their mind. We know we can never undo the pain or keep you from wondering “what if.” But when you vere off The Adoption Roadmap, we can offer you support in more ways than one. Through our nonprofit, Back To The Roadmap Fund, any RG Adoption Consulting client who goes through a failed adoption will have access to receive a grant from us to help you get back on track. And while it can’t replace the baby you’ve lost, or the time and money you’ve invested, we hope this small gesture helps show that when our clients hurt, so do we. If you would like to help a hopeful adoptive family get back onto the Roadmap and fulfill their dream of parenthood, please consider a meaningful donation.

Are you ready to adopt?