I know how tough Mother’s Day can be if you’ve been longing to be a mother for what seems like forever. Whether you are suffering from infertility and trying to get pregnant, had a failed match while trying to adopt, waiting for your perfect match or even for your expectant mom to give birth and praying everything goes as planned, it can be a difficult time.

I’ve been there!

I think the most important thing is to stay positive!

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction – you get back what you put out. Sooo, remind yourself, that you are just waiting for the right situation and that when you do become a mother (because you have to believe you will) all of this waiting and these lows that you are experiencing will have all been worth it!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t acknowledge and honor your feelings. If you are sad and just need a good cry, do it!

But try not to victimize yourself (easier said then done sometimes).

Go to a meditation or yoga class on Mother’s Day (if that’s your thing…or even if it’s not) and give yourself a mantra to focus on, such as “my baby and I will be together soon,” or whatever feels right to you. Again, law of attraction!

Keep the positive energy flowing.

If you have been lucky enough to become an adoptive mother already, and have a relationship with your birth mom, think about sending her an email or simply giving her a call and saying thanks! This is a difficult day for her, too, and the reassurance that the child she placed with you is thriving and that she made the right decision, is sometimes all she needs to know.

Looking for things to do to fill the time during the wait, here is a great list!

Hang in there, your time is coming! 🙂

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