I found it – my journal entries leading up to my decision to adopt, and at least the beginning of that journey! I was so diligent in journaling during fertility treatments and then stopped right after I started down the adoption path. I could shoot myself – Note to you, whoever you are, who has decided to adopt a baby – write your story, your thoughts, your feelings…everything…and don’t stop!!!

October 12, 2010 – The beginning of my journey to adopt a baby…Today I made some commitments…to adopt a baby and to sell my condo and move into a bigger space to make room for said baby. I’m confident…today!

I thought, after so many tries of IUI and having taken a year off, I would try the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) route. After all, I had changed companies, and my new insurance would cover it. But, after meeting with yet a third fertility specialist who gently explained to me that I most likely would not get pregnant with my own eggs, I had a tough decision to make…

Essentially, do I carry a child that is not genetically my own through donor egg and donor sperm, try IVF with my own eggs despite what three doctors have already told me and hope for a miracle (because as we all know, miracles do happen), or do I choose to adopt?

The longer I sat with my decision and the more I talked with people about it, the more adoption felt so right for me!

So, today I filled out an application and sent money to an adoption consultant who will walk me through the process.

I’m excited!!!

Ahh, this is kind of fun. I look forward to re-reading the parts of my journal I did keep and sharing it with you as I do. And don’t worry, once my journaling stops, I will continue sharing my story and won’t leave you hanging.

I hope you’ll continue following my journey as it unfolds.

I’d love to hear how you decided on adoption!

Until next time,