As part of the home study process, you have to get your fingerprints taken. They have to be cleared by state police, FBI and the Department of Child & Family Services. It took an entire month, but I finally got cleared!

My home study was complete and sent off to the four places I would be working with. I was one step closer to adopting MY baby!

My adoption consultant reviewed about 10 agencies and attorneys (who essentially act as agencies) with me and then ultimately it was up to me how many to choose. The philosophy is, choosing many agencies with low up front costs would allow me to spread my wings a bit wider and increase my chances for a quicker match.

I chose 2 agencies and 2 attorneys for adoption placement, concentrating in Florida and Utah. These agencies only required anywhere from $0-$500 down up front versus $3,500-$5,000 (or more) had I just chosen one of the local agencies around Chicago (where I live).

March, 2012 journal entry…

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve applied. Oy, the wait!! I need to find some patience somewhere! In the meantime, I’ve decided to let my employer and co-workers know what I’m up to. Thankfully, everyone was super supportive and excited for me.

BUT, then came the questions! A couple of the guys at work asked why I wouldn’t want my own genetic children. I was a bit shocked, both at the fact that they asked, but also at how easily it was for me to answer!

I’m single, I’m a woman in childbearing years (well, actually way past if I’m telling the truth) and being infertile doesn’t exactly feel, well, you know…sexy!

But, it’s part of who I am and I’m no longer ashamed of that! So, I told them my story without flinching. I felt good about myself and frankly, gave them a bit of an education.

Which has more of a stigma, after all, not being able to get pregnant on your own or trying to become a mother on my own?

Until next time,

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