I’m about to celebrate my 5th Mother’s Day. Being called “Mama” every day is a title I have never taken for granted and to this day, rings sweetly in my ears and on my heart.

Becoming a Mother through adoption was wrought with emotion. Yes, of course elation and joy, but sprinkled in with guilt, fear and sorrow. Guilt of my own celebration of becoming a mother while another mother was in real pain at the loss of her baby. Fear of another woman and her family, who I didn’t really know, perhaps changing their minds and maybe even trying to get her baby back.  Was this too good to be true? This fear took some years to fully release. And sorrow around the loss that my son’s life began with. Loss for him of his first mother and the loss of a baby his birth mother loved so much.

I’m proud to share the title of “mother” with my son’s first mother.  After all, he is the product of both of us! And yet, we are sometimes “put on the stand” to defend our titles. People asking probing questions and placing judgments. People I may have never seen in my life. Sometimes I’m ok to educate and sometimes I’m just not in the mood (sometimes I just want to shop for my groceries in peace).

No matter how you came to hold the title of Mom, we all just want the same thing…to know that we are being the best moms we can be. Here are three awesome blogs worth reading today that do a great job at digging in to some of my sentiments.

Relishing in the Bittersweet: Heartache in Adoption, written by Jamie Lynn

How to Offend All Mothers Touched by Adoption on Mother’s Day, by Melissa Giarrosso

Dear Sugar: Happy Mother’s Day, by Rachel Garlinghouse

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mama’s – no matter how you came to the honor of that title.


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