I love listening to podcasts…while I’m showering, in the car driving by myself, or wherever I can fit one in. I get inspired by entrepreneurs, receive dating advice, listen to the latest news and fill myself up with inspiration. This blog is inspired by Christine Hassler’s podcast, “Over It & On with It.” Christine is a Master Coach “who provides practical tools and spiritual principles to help you overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back.”

I know you. You are wrought with fear or inherently turn to negative self-talk. Neither will get you very far in life or in the adoption process. I know…I used to be you. Then I learned a different way and put it into practice every day. I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes about me: I meditate most mornings, journal, read personal development books and say positive affirmations out loud. It’s made all the difference in the world.

I’m not asking you to be me. When we talk, though, I will let you know how it’s made a difference in my life! So, when this podcast came on the other morning, I felt like I needed to share it with you. Perhaps you’ve been struggling, maybe not even knowing where to begin. Your belief system is off, or maybe you think you are taking the right steps, keeping yourself busy, but not propelling yourself forward.

So, what is it that’s really stopping you, anyway? Are you being pulled in a million directions? Perhaps you’re entertaining a lot of family in town, taking care of a sick relative, feeling overwhelmed with work, or maybe trying to parent your current child the best way you can.

Have you considered that you might be scared of success? Being a parent is no joke, after all, especially if you are going to be a first-time single parent. Parenthood brings up a boatload of new responsibilities that you’ve never experienced before. Maybe you have a fear of taking risk and/or failure.

These are all legit, after all! And paralyzing!

In this podcast, Lindsay has strategized so much, having a calculated plan in place for everything in her life, which has held her back from taking big risks and in turn has kept her unfulfilled.

Christine Hassler says, “The only way you fail is if you go into the hopeless, helpless victim mode. Stop playing it safe! Get out of your comfort zone and jump in the pool instead of taking teeny, tiny baby steps, so you can move forward.” If things don’t turn out the way you hoped it would, you will be ok! And then you will figure out a way to try again. Don’t be afraid.

The adoption journey is outside everyone’s comfort zone. If you are a planner, like me, you don’t like uncertainty, but as Christine says, “the more comfortable we get with taking risks, the more we get comfortable with uncertainty. And, it’s in the uncertainty where the magic is created.”

Don’t get me wrong. I agree with what’s mentioned in the podcast; some degree of comfort & security is important. For example, you may not accept a situation for $48k if that’s simply beyond what you can afford, or you may decide to pass on a situation that you are not prepared to handle. And that’s ok!

Set aside time for your adoption journey, along with everything else in your life. Commit to that time. Take steps that truly propel you forward in this process and allow yourself to take some risks.Get out of your head.  It’s not safe in there!” And finally…

Give yourself permission to go for your dreams!


To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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