When I was going through the adoption process, I had a lot of fear around who my child’s birthmom would be. And whatever fear I had, my family had it ten times over – which only fed my fear even more.

  • Will she be abusing drugs?
  • Will she change her mind?
  • Will she be someone I need to protect my future child against?
  • Will she try to get her child back later or show up at my door to cause problems?
  • Will she be another voice trying to parent or make decisions for my child?

The list goes on. As much as I wanted to be open, this part really scared me.

And then I saw that my home study agency was hosting a birthmother panel. A chance for me to hear directly from birth mothers and see who they really are, what they really think, and hopefully, help dissipate some of my fears around adoption. I wish my family would have attended with me! Sitting in front of three birthmoms was a turning point for me. It provided me so much clarity and a lot more comfort.

Whether you are in the process of adoption now or already have adopted your child, I hope this interview will help you (and your family) gain some clarity and comfort as well. I think it will!

You don’t want to miss this raw conversation I had with Carolyn, a birthmom who placed her child 2.5 years ago. She really opens up to me. And trust me, I don’t hold back with my questions!

Don’t wait. Watch now!

I would love to hear your top 3 takeaways from my conversation with Carolyn. So, when you’re done watching, please comment below with your three things.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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