Welcome to my new video blogs (some call it Vlogs, but I really don’t like that name for some reason)! I’m changing things up a bit. I will be posting weekly and address a question or issue that has come up during the week.

Today’s topics are ones that stemmed from a call I had this morning. My client really wanted to know if she was normal! While I sometimes think normal is boring, I assured her that what she was feeling is normal and above anything else, appreciated her vulnerability and openness in sharing with me!

I have worked with all sorts of clients and some are definitely more private than others. I get it. Consultants are just one more person prying into your private business. I’ve heard you and I’ve got you covered – well, I’m working on it. Listen in and see what I’m talking about.

Today, I discuss two issues – one will usually paralyze you and the other will ALWAYS help.

I will share with you one of my big fears-likely something others who have adopted once already are grappling with too. And I will share with you what’s going on in my house tonight which will likely have me reaching for a bottle of wine!

Are you ready to push aside whatever is stopping you from reaching your dreams and go for it? Likely you’ll ask yourself what took you so long to pull that trigger in the first place. How many times in your life have you done that?

If you are ready to jump into the adoption process, watch this first and I’ll tell you how we do it!

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Are you ready to adopt?