During National Adoption Awareness Month, I will introduce you to numerous guests, highlighting many parts of the adoption journey. Today’s video and advice comes from new adoptive mama, Kate Burton. She adopted her son this past summer and wanted to share her insights to offer hope for hopeful parents. 
By Kate Burton

Advice for an adoptive parent to be:

Have tons of hope on hard days. 

Open your hearts more than you think you can handle. 

Let go of a perfect plan.

Think simply when traveling. 

Educate yourself with podcasts and blogs. 

Virtually friend adoptive families. Ask for help often. 

When you think you’ll never get chosen by a mother, pray for her specifically. 

Believe in how amazing of a parent you will be soon!

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The unimaginable happened to us and opening our hearts to adoption made us happy again. It’s incredible and I hope all our friends get to experience this unique chapter. Adoption brings people together in life changing, positive ways!

Kate is a mama to three boys with one in heaven. She recently adopted this summer and is filling her days with all things boy and sharing about her adoption experience since she got back from traveling to meet her little man. Kate is a former teacher and now a community educator for a new toddler health company! Her adoption experience has made her so passionate about the journey. Kate hopes to always stay involved in the adoption community by educating others and being a resource for hope.

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