During National Adoption Awareness Month, we will introduce you to numerous guests, highlighting many parts of the adoption journey. Today’s video comes from author and hopeful adoptive mama, Lindsay McKenzie. She is actually an RG Adoption client and has been working with us throughout her journey to adopting! Lindsay and her husband have been matched with an expectant mama and they have been able to foster the most beautiful relationship with her through the wait. In the video, she offers a reading and explanation behind her new children’s book, The Story of You
By Lindsay McKenzie

As a hopeful adoptive mom, I naturally had concerns with the uncertainty surrounding the adoption process, especially the idea of what an open adoption would look like for our family. However, now being matched with an expectant mother whom we have grown very close to, I can already see the beauty and blessing in an open adoption.

We’ve had the privilege of being at doctors appointments both in person and on FaceTime, of receiving belly photos, recordings of the baby’s heartbeat, and videos of his first visible kicks. She has truly given us the gift of being involved throughout her pregnancy and the ability to tell our child that we were there for it all.

I can’t wait to reciprocate that gift to her and for her to be a part of his life forever. I envision her being not just a part of our child’s biggest moments, but the day-to-day ones as well and that warms my heart.

Needless to say, I’ve moved from those initial feelings of fear and uncertainty to being genuinely excited to share with our child who his birth mother is and continue to navigate adoption together, with her by our side. I wanted a way to express all these emotions and writing is the best way I know how. Plus, as a former kindergarten teacher and lover of children’s books, it felt natural to write one dedicated to my child and his “first mom”.

My original plan for my book was simply to give it to her on the day of his birth as a gift, so she could hear the story that I plan to tell her child when and if the day comes that he’s home in my arms.

But then I felt compelled to share it with the world so that it can be a positive example of open adoption and fill the hearts of other adoptive moms and birth moms out there. And what better time to do that than during National Adoption Awareness Month? I’m grateful to be a part of the RG Adoption Community and to have the opportunity to share this. 

If the story is one that you’d like to read to your own child as a way of honoring his or her’s birth mother, I’d love for you to have a copy. While the illustrations are still being created, I’m taking pre-orders and you can reserve your copy here.

By purchasing you will also receive a signed copy of the book at a discounted price AND a free e-copy of my other book, Follow Your Detour.

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Lindsay is a blogger, author, and adventurer from Colorado. Her and her husband Dan spent the last 3 years traveling the country full-time in their RV and documenting their experience on their blog, Follow Your Detour. They are now ready for their greatest adventure as they pursue growing their family through adoption and are matched with an expectant mother due in February. Lindsay has become passionate about sharing their adoption journey in hopes of helping and inspiring other adoptive parents.


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