During National Adoption Awareness Month, we will introduce you to numerous guests, highlighting many parts of the adoption journey. Today we get to feature our awesome Community Outreach Coordinator, Kate Burton! She is the newest addition to the RG Adoption team and we couldn’t imagine a better person for the role. Kate runs both our private client community and public Adoption Roadmap group, open to ALL hopeful adoptive parents.  

Today she shares a bit about her family and some beautiful words her son’s birth mother recently shared.

By Kate Burton 

Adoption is part of our family in the most incredible and special way. Our second biological son brought adoption into our lives the second he landed in Heaven. He was born when I was 23 weeks along and was here for a couple of days before Heaven called him back.

Seven months after Angel Beau went to heaven, he miraculously connected us to our son’s birth mom the day she gave birth across the country. He legally became ours exactly one year after I was pregnant with our Angel. How wild is that?

The next chapter of our story unfolded just nine months after our son was born. We welcomed another baby to our family and now have Irish Twins, nine months apart. They even look alike! 

We have a 3.5-year-old, 16-month-old, and 6 month old. It’s a small zoo but we are lucky to have this special brotherhood. If you’re looking into adoption, I can’t say how incredible it is. We are so lucky to have the relationship that we do with our son’s birth mother. She recently said, 

“We love that he’s in your family. We love you guys so much and thank God he connected us.”

Adoption is one of the most emotional blessings I think any family could ever experience!

kate-burton-community-coordinatorKate is a boy mom and the RG Adoption Consulting Community Outreach Coordinator. You can read her full bio here.

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