Meet Connie
Project Manager
I believe life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

As the project manager for RG Adoption Consulting, I get to do all the fun stuff like social media, setting up our new clients, managing National Adoption Awareness month, making edits to our website and basically, whatever Becca needs done! Every day is different, but my favorite part of it all is being able to learn, connect, and grow in my understanding of the adoption process through your unique journeys! Here’s my story…

I’m currently a student at Loyola University Chicago studying English and Spanish while pursuing the pre-medicine track as well. Writing creatively is my outlet to express myself. I write poetry, short stories, and everything in between! I believe my purpose in life is to help those in need and I love trying new things, which inspired me to apply for an internship with RG Adoption Consulting, which eventually led to my current position as Project Manager. I knew nothing about adoption, but I was intrigued and so glad I was.

Fun Facts

  • I am a total sneakerhead with quite an extensive collection of shoes! My favorite shoe is the Nike Air Max 1.
  • This past summer, I studied abroad in Madrid and visited a few other European countries! My favorite by far was Amsterdam. I felt like I was in a storybook!
  • Astrology is my guilty pleasure. I love reading and deciphering my friends’ natal charts, horoscopes, and relationship compatibilities.
  • I have watched the entire series of The Office at least 6 times!