Meet Connie
Operations Manager
I believe life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.
Connie - Marketing & Communications Manager

As the Operations Manager for RG Adoption Consulting, I get to work behind the scenes to optimize systems, processes, and resources for families. Tackling everything from tech support to onboarding new clients and planning our family retreats, I make sure everything runs smoothly! Every day is different, but my favorite part of it all is being able to learn, connect, and grow in my understanding of the adoption process through your unique journeys! Here’s my story…

I stumbled upon an internship listing for RG Adoption Consulting back in 2017, while studying at Loyola University Chicago and haven’t looked back since! Being new to the world of adoption, I was eager to learn and found so much beauty in the journey hopeful parents embark on. It’s safe to say I’ve learned quite a lot along the way. 

After graduating in 2019, I found a home at RGAC and have been fortunate enough to grow with the amazing team and community we have built!

Fun Facts

  • I am a total sneakerhead with quite an extensive collection of shoes! My favorite shoe is the Nike Air Max 1.
  • Travelling is my favorite thing to do! Some of my favorite places have been Sedona, Amsterdam, and Madrid.
  • Astrology is my guilty pleasure. I love reading and deciphering my friends’ natal charts, horoscopes, and relationship compatibilities.
  • I have watched the entire series of The Office at least 6 times!
Connie - Marketing & Communications Manager

Meet My Colleagues

Becca Gruespan, Founder and CEO of RG Adoption


Founder & CEO

Rachel - Adoption Consultant


Adoption Consultant

Devin  - Adoption Consultant


Adoption Consultant

Kate - Community Outreach Coordinator


Community Outreach Coordinator

Connie - Marketing & Communications Manager


Marketing & Communications Manager

Melissa - Partnerships & Consulting Manager


Partnerships & Consulting Manager

Luzy - Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

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