Meet Devin
Adoption Consultant
“My hope is to provide you with the information, the support, and the fire you need to walk your own unique path.”
Devin - Adoption Consultant

As an adoption consultant, my aim is to help you find and walk your own road through adoption with as much hope, joy, and love as possible. My passion for adoption comes directly from all I learned about the process, and ultimately about myself, on the path that led to my daughter. My journey through the adoption world was enlightening and unique…as is true for everyone who has an adoption story to tell.

As I opened my heart and my mind to this experience, I quickly realized not only that I wanted to help others, but truly that I NEEDED to help others understand the wonder of adoption and how to navigate it relatively smoothly, while also maintaining their sanity. I am also a professional singer—I know I was put on this earth to use my voice to tell stories and help people see themselves and the world around them in a different light. My hope is to provide you with the information, the support, and the fire you need to walk your own unique path.

Fun Facts

  • I currently sing with the Bluewater Kings Band—a wedding band in Chicago—as well as The Four C Notes, a Frankie Valli, and the Four Seasons tribute band.
  • I’m a Colorado boy. I grew up in Arvada, Colorado and my heart will forever be in the mountains.
  • I’m a proud lover of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Nothing can soothe your soul and help you escape the trivial life quite like throwing knives, shooting arrows, drinking ale from a horn, and enjoying a full-blown jousting tournament.
  • My family loves a good road trip! Complete with car-dancing, the license plate game, open road, and endless sky.
  • I’m terrified of the deep ocean…but I LOVE a good cruise. You’re in the middle of nowhere, and cell phones don’t work.
  • I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life. I don’t and I wouldn’t. But I could. And I shouldn’t!

Meet My Colleagues

Becca Gruespan, Founder and CEO of RG Adoption


Founder & CEO

Rachel - Adoption Consultant


Adoption Consultant

Devin  - Adoption Consultant


Adoption Consultant

Kate - Community Outreach Coordinator


Community Outreach Coordinator

Connie - Marketing & Communications Manager


Marketing & Communications Manager

Luzy - Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

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