Meet Kate
Community Outreach Coordinator
“I needed all the support when we decided to adopt so I’m overjoyed to help other families understand this process and be both a mom, friend, and mentor along this journey.”

As a community outreach coordinator, my job is to help you learn more about this process, share stories in our community that you can connect with, and bring us all together in this special adoption community. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and am a boy mom who has adopted twice in the same year. I needed all the ideas, support, and community because it was overwhelming.  I’m so excited to be here to help you because working with families who want to adopt is truly the biggest blessing.

Our miracle story started a few years ago when I gave birth to our oldest and had a life-threatening postpartum hemorrhage a couple of weeks after.

We waited 1.5 years to get pregnant again and that pregnancy resulted in our sweetest baby in heaven being born at 23 weeks due to a uterine rupture. I’m lucky to be alive after that. Having 3 days with our angel baby until he went to heaven, sent us an incredibly big sign to grow our family through adoption.

We became home study approved, created a family profile book, and adopted two babies within a year which is truly making the impossible possible.

Adoption changed our family. With a 3-year old and Irish twins (one 11 months and the other 2 months old), our home is loud, crazy, and exactly what I’ve always dreamed motherhood would be. We have a houseful of boys that are brothers in the most incredible way.

Our days are the best blend of happy chaos so being able to help all of you after so recently going through two adoptions is why I am so excited. I’ve been there, thought the same thoughts, and am right here to share all the emotions together.

Fun Facts

  • I am a boy mom to four; three under three, two nine months apart, and one in heaven.
  • I’m a former kindergarten teacher who thrives on outdoor play, hanging with neighbors, and finding simple adventures to get us through our crazy days at home!
  • I’m all about getting up before the rest of my house does to work out early and help families in the adoption process with a big cup of joe.
  • I always told myself I wouldn’t drive a van but with three car seats, we needed convenience and now we’re obsessed with minivans. Never say never!
  • Every Friday is pizza night at our house. It’s a fam favorite!

Are you ready to adopt?