Meet Kate
Community Outreach Coordinator
“I needed all the support when we decided to adopt so I’m overjoyed to help other families understand this process and be both a mom, friend, and mentor along this journey.”
Kate - Community Outreach Coordinator

As the Community Outreach Coordinator, my job is to help you learn more about the process, share educational resources in our private community, plan fun events throughout the year, and bring us all together through a very speciall adoption community. I have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and am a boy mom to three. After losing our second son, a true miracle happened, and we adopted two baby boys nine months apart. When we started our first adoption journey, we needed all the ideas, support, and community because it was overwhelming. I’m so excited to help you through the beginning stages of your journey!

My biggest wish ever since I was little was to have a full house and in the most unique and miraculous way, it happened within a matter of two years.

From a scary postpartum experience with my first to an emergency cesarean with our second that went to heaven, growing our family suddenly became so hard. It wasn’t until our second got to heaven that adoption fell into our lives through a direct message from him. We got right to work! Our third son was born four months after we became an active family, and nine months later, after we got our paperwork in for a second adoption, our youngest was born shortly after. 

Our house is loud and filled with trucks and clothes that must be washed. My once big dream became a reality that I hope never to take for granted. Adoption has changed our lives…our birth families are truly an extension of our family, and we’ve created the most special brotherhood we could ever have. So happy you’re here!

Fun Facts

  • I am a boy mom to four. They are four, two, and one. We also have an angel boy in heaven.
  • I used to teach kindergarten but now use my teaching degree in a unique way by educating families on adoption.
  • We have Irish twins via adoption which is something I never thought could happen, yet here we are!
  • You’ll find me all over town checking out parks with our boys, on truck missions to find construction sites to watch, or outside with neighbors because all our kids are the same age.
  • I love waking up before my kids to work out early and get some work done before the craziness begins with three boys climbing out of their rooms.
  • I’ve never colored my hair but have a couple of grays so that might need to change here soon!

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Kate - Community Outreach Coordinator


Community Outreach Coordinator

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