Meet Lauryn
Non-Profit Intern

I’m currently a student at Loyola University Chicago studying English and Communication Studies with a concentration in Advocacy and Social Change. When I’m not searching for the best coffee shop near me, I’m reading (Afrofuturism is my favorite genre). From a young age I knew I was happiest in life helping others which has guided me to amazing non-profit opportunities like interning for Back To The Roadmap Fund. When I was young my cousin and closest friend was adopted into our family, and I look forward to the opportunity to help other families do the same.

Fun Facts

  • I became very intrigued in yoga in high school and have actively practiced for 7 years now.

  • I’ve seen every modern police procedural TV show. 
  • I’m passionate about public transportation and want to ride streetcars all over the world. My favorite streetcar system is in Portland.
  • I can name a dog’s breed by just looking at it!