Meet Lindsay
Community Outreach Coordinator
“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t expect to take”

As a hopeful adoptive mama myself, I feel so fortunate to have a part in supporting other hopeful parents along their adoption journeys. The adoption process has been a time of tremendous personal growth for me and while it can be very emotionally challenging at times, it’s so beautiful to witness how everything comes together perfectly in the end. As a former Kindergarten teacher, I am passionate about working closely with families, supporting them along their unique paths, and building strong and lasting relationships. I instantly knew when I began my own adoption journey with RG Adoption Consulting, that I wanted to work in adoption someday. I couldn’t imagine a better fit than being the Community Outreach Coordinator and I’m looking forward to all the families I’ll get to connect with. Here’s my story…

When my husband and I discovered we could not have biological children together, we felt like we were at a dead end. We had worked so hard to build our life together according to this perfect plan we had created in our minds and hearts. So after years of trying to conceive, then fertility testing and treatments, it was crushing to receive an unexpected diagnosis that made it very clear that biological children were not in our future.

But through all the grief and heartbreak, we were able to see that God had a better plan for us. We called it a “detour” because while it was an unexpected path for us, we knew it was going to be beautiful. That detour led us on a powerful and life-changing adventure that ultimately led us to growing our family through adoption. Turns out, it was just the road we were meant to take all along. And way better than our original plan.

We are currently matched with an expectant mother due in February, 2021. So stay tuned for the rest of our adoption story! We can’t wait to meet our (hopeful) son.


Fun Facts

  •  My husband and I sold everything and hit the road in an RV full-time for over two years! We traveled all across the country while working right from our home on wheels. We plan to continue our RV travels with our child/ren someday. We checked off 40 states and can’t wait to see the rest as a family.
  • We’re saving for an around the world trip in 5 years. We also want to live in Europe someday, at least for a year or so.
  • I love almost all outdoor activities, but fly-fishing is my favorite.
  • I’m also a blogger and published author! I wrote a book called “Follow Your Detour” (which is also the name of our travel/lifestyle blog) and also a children’s book about open adoption called “The Story of You”. I plan to keep writing books and have a few in the works.