Meet Rachel
Adoption Consultant
“I want to help you navigate this amazing journey.”
Rachel - Adoption Consultant

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I’ve worked in adoption for the last fifteen years to help bring other families the same joy I’ve experienced. In that time I’ve helped place hundreds of children in waiting families. I’m very passionate about adoption and excited to continue my work as an adoption consultant. I hope that my experiences will help me help you navigate this amazing journey. Here’s my story…

I am the mama of two beautiful children through the gift of adoption. I struggled for years with unexplained infertility, and after trying multiple avenues to conceive unsuccessfully, it became clear it would be through adoption that we would grow our family. My husband, Skyler and I now know that our babies were always meant to be a part of our family, and we feel privileged to be their parents. I recently published a children’s book and have another on its way. My hope is that these books will help other adoptive families explain the love and sacrifice of their children’s adoption stories from both adoptive and birth family perspectives, and address issues around transracial adoption. Both of my children met their birth families this summer, and we continue to have open adoptions with our birth mothers and their families.

Fun Facts

  • I love to travel and explore the world whenever possible. Visiting India was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
  • Being in nature is my happy place (well not so much in the winter), especially fishing, hiking, and camping.
  • I like to pretend I’m a professional photographer, although it’s hardly the truth.
  • In my downtime, I practice yoga and love watching movies.
  • Indian food is my hands down favorite, but when it comes to food, I really don’t discriminate.
Rachel - Adoption Consultant

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Rachel - Adoption Consultant


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