Meet Sarah
Adoption Consultant
“With the right adoption team in place, your journey will lead to the most incredible outcome.”

I enjoyed the adoption process, though it was stressful and at times uncertain. It inspired me to pursue this new passion. I can’t promise that you won’t experience bumps along the way, but I can promise, as your adoption consultant, that I’ll be there to provide information and support. Here’s my story…

Just four short years ago, I was Becca’s client. Writing her a check was the scariest, smartest, best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve always felt drawn to adoption, though I always imagined adopting as a “we” not as an “I.” But as the years went on and Mr. Right never came along, I began to think seriously about becoming a mother “on my own.” I was ready to be a mom, but was overwhelmed by all of the information out there. Then a friend sent me the link to Becca’s website. I knew the minute I read her story that she was going to help me find my baby. I became Becca’s client in February 2014 and had my baby girl in my arms by August of that same year.

I grew up mostly in the Midwest, but Texas is our home now.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite family tradition: Friday Night Movie Night! We order takeout and eat picnic-style on the living room floor while watching a Disney movie.
  • Favorite food: Tex-Mex (I could eat salsa and guac all day, every day).
  • I love travel. The most incredible trips I’ve been on were an African Safari and backpacking through Europe.
  • The ocean makes me happy. Someday, I’d like to split my time between the ocean in the summer and the South in the winter.
  • If I could choose to have any talent, I would choose singing.