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Adoption Consultant
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Simone - Adoption Consultant
As an adoption consultant my goal is to create a sense of stability, clarity and reality through the adoption process. As a person of color it is very easy to not see ourselves and our families through adoption. I truly want to help people and couples become families. Here’s my story…
I always knew I wanted to be a mom from a very early age. I never thought that I would experience infertility and honestly knew very little about it, until it happened to me. After experiencing several losses, I was diagnosed with a very rare condition that prevents me from carrying babies to term. It was shocking, but it became very clear to myself and my husband that we wanted a family no matter what and we looked to start our family through adoption. I quickly realized how little I knew about adoption and sought the help of an adoption professional. I’m proud to say my family is now complete with two amazing and very energetic kids. My goal is to help people become parents.  

Fun Facts

  •  I own a small home-based baking business called Bakes by Simone. My specialties are cakes and cookies. I love taking flavors from people’s childhoods and turning them into new creations.
  • I’m an avid reader. I usually read and listen to different books simultaneously.
  • I love watching mythical and anything with superheroes. I’m a diehard MARVEL girl.
  • I am a certified yoga instructor and have practiced yoga for over 15 years, and my least favorite pose to hold is a plank.
Read my full adoption success story here.
Simone - Adoption Consultant

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Simone - Adoption Consultant


Adoption Consultant

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