Meet Simone
Adoption Consultant
“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
As an adoption consultant my goal is to create a sense of stability, clarity and reality through the adoption process. As a person of color it is very easy to not see ourselves and our families through adoption. I truly want to help people and couples become families. Here’s my story…
I always knew I wanted to be a mom from a very early age. I never thought that I would experience infertility and honestly knew very little about it, until it happened to me. After experiencing several losses, I was diagnosed with a very rare condition that prevents me from carrying babies to term. It was shocking but it became very clear to myself and my husband that we wanted a family no matter what and we turned to adoption. I very quickly realized how little I knew about adoption and sought the help of a professional. I’m proud to say my family is now complete with two amazing and very energetic kids. I hope to make people’s dreams a reality.

Fun Facts

  • I’m an amazing baker and love to take foods and flavors from people’s childhoods and turn them into a cake.
  • I am a certified yoga instructor and have practiced yoga for over 15 years.
  • I was super into roller skating as a child and have recently gotten back into it. I now skate while pushing my daughter in her stroller while my son either skateboards or rides his bike.
  • I’m an avid reader. I buy at least one book a month.
  • I love watching mythical and period shows.
Read my full adoption success story here.

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