What Rebecca and her team do is create families.

Alex and Ivan, CA
Alex and Ivan’s Story

Our story began 4 years ago. We had been trying to conceive and after getting some tests done we found ourselves at a crossroads- it was either we pursue fertility treatments or pursue adoption. The choice in that moment was completely clear, and strangely so. Adoption up until that point had never been in our plan, but in that moment it felt like every universal force was telling us that this was the way we would become a family. We jumped in and didn’t look back.

From there, things became a little bumpy. We had no idea how to start, and unfortunately, we signed up with a facilitator, who left us waiting with no contact for a year. We felt lost and burdened by the weight of the time we had lost. Luckily, we didn’t have to feel that way for too long. It was after listening to a podcast that I heard about RG Adoption Consulting and wrote Rebecca an email that same day. From the moment we signed up with RG Adoption Consulting, we felt we really had partners that cared for us through a difficult process.

alexivan3Our consultant, Sarah, was our point-person and she quickly became nothing short of a friend, family member, and guardian spirit during our wait. I know we were probably not the easiest of families to work with, as we constantly changed our criteria and then continued to jump around what we had already been established. The road to adopting is intimidating, but I never doubted that Sarah had our backs and in the most truly genuine and caring way.

One day when we were packed up to go camping on the Russian River, we got a text from an agency that we had signed up with through RG Adoption Consulting. A baby girl had been born the night before in Texas, and we were asked the question, “Would we like to present?” Nerves shot up, but we knew this was it, there was a tingling feeling inside our stomachs of nerves and hopeful anticipation, as we said “yes.”

Exactly thirty minutes later, we saw the text that would change our lives forever: “Pack your bags mom and dad, you’re going to Texas.” What ensued was a full whirlwind- a sleepless night, rushing through the airport, a frantic scramble to rent a car, and then getting to a hospital that was two hours away.

alexivan4At the hospital, time slowed down. We met our child’s birth mother (for which I am so grateful), and shortly thereafter, we met our daughter. A sentence I cannot even write without tearing up at the memory. We never anticipated that we would become a family in less than 24 hours, not to mention our house was under renovation so we couldn’t even return home when we did fly back. Instead, we spent three weeks in my brother’s guest room, even having our first post-placement home study visit there. This is all to say, you truly make it work however it ends up happening. You just figure it out and embrace the temporary chaos!

It has been 16 months since we brought our daughter, Rose, home and I’m not sure if there is a day that goes by when we don’t feel like the luckiest people out there for sharing this life with her. She is a spark of light for us: her humor, sensitivity, kindness, and never-ending curiosity is simply beautiful. It is wild to say, but what Rebecca and her team do is create families and what an absolutely amazing gift that is to give. We feel so fortunate to have been on this journey with her team. We wouldn’t be the family we are today without Sarah and Rebecca!

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