"We signed up for The Adoption Roadmap Academy in October of 2020 and were matched 2 months later. This course made everything easier and, ultimately, lit the path to finding our forever family."

Bahiyyah & Duane, Alabama
Bahiyyah & Duane’s Story

We had a long road with infertility. For 8 years, we tried everything we could to have a family biologically. At the end of the day, we just wanted to be parents so we shifted our focus to adoption. 

Once we did, things happened fast for us! We signed up for The Adoption Roadmap Academy in October of 2020 and were matched 2 months later. We applied to one adoption situation and ended up being chosen by an expectant mom right away. She wasn’t due for another five and a half months, so we struggled during the wait. 

However, this time allowed for us to get to know our soon-to-be daughter’s birth mother. We were always hopeful for an open adoption, so we were so happy we had so much time to build a foundation. 

bahiyyah-duane-black-adoptive-familyWe loved how The Adoption Roadmap Academy allowed for us to “come and go” as we wanted and take from it exactly what we needed.

It also felt like Becca was our advocate through it all. Being VIP Academy members, we had the opportunity to connect with a consultant, and Becca was there to point us in the right direction when emotions were high. Her knowledge of adoption and being an adoptive parent herself made her relatable. She “got it” but was also realistic.

Even though we used the online course, we felt seen and heard throughout our journey. We were supported, checked on, and were able to ask questions beyond the course when needed. 

When it came time for the birth and delivery, we eagerly packed our bags and made our way from Alabama to Florida. The C-section was delayed by another day, which only added to anticipation and nerves. On the other hand, it allowed us to spend the entire day with our daughter’s birth mom. We felt prepared and so hopeful for the open adoption relationship that would last a lifetime. 

Our daughter was born the next day and to put things simply we were overwhelmed by emotions. It was such a beautiful moment to have her birth mother place her in our arms, but we couldn’t help but feel the guilt about all the grief and pain that came with it. 

black-adoption-parentsWe spent some time together in the hospital after our daughter was born, but decided to take a step back and give her alone time with her birth mother. We wanted to make sure that her birth mom had the time to make the best possible decision she could, even if it meant deciding to parent. 

Giving our daughter’s birth mother that space was important to us, and at the end of it all, she still decided that she wanted to place her with us. It is a privilege and honor that we will never take for granted. 

Ultimately, we recommend The Adoption Roadmap Academy to everyone, but especially those who are hesitant of one-on-one consulting. Adoption is expensive and we considered doing it on our own. However, the course made things so much easier and lit the path to finding our forever family. 

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