Being able to call Rachel multiple times a day was a real lifesaver!

Beth and Zach, NE
Beth and Zach

beth-and-zach-sisterOur adoption journey began in our hearts long before we began the process, but we always thought it would happen after having many biological children. After we got married, we conceived our first daughter Madelyn, who quickly became our greatest joy! As her first birthday passed, we decided to begin trying for another child, but we struggled trying to get pregnant again. Months of despair passed when we realized something wasn’t quite right, so we decided to finally seek medical help after a year.

Month after month we tracked our cycle, had routine blood work, and took ovulation-inducing drugs. We had two surgeries to remove endometriosis and extensive adhesions- all with the hopes that this could finally be our answer to conceiving. Feeling heartbroken, not being able to get pregnant was beginning to wear down on us and all aspects of our lives. We finally acknowledged that adoption has always been in our hearts and that it would be the way we grew our family.

We had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do, so we reached out to some friends that had adopted and they, thankfully, shared everything they knew. They told us about Rebecca at RG Adoption Consulting, and we called her the very next day! Right after that call, we decided that we would put our trust in her, listen to her wisdom, and do as she suggested.

beth-and-zach-mommyWhile expecting the adoption process to take several months, we were anxious to build our family, so we worked as fast as possible to complete our home study, profile book, and fill out agency paperwork. We wanted to be ready when the time was right. On Halloween of 2018, we got the email from RG Adoption Consulting that we had been moved off of the waiting list and could set-up a call for the following week. It was the sweetest treat! By the new year, we were home study ready and sending in applications to agencies across the country.

By February, we had been matched with an expectant mother than was due in March. We were beyond thrilled! With just two weeks to go before the birth of our child, we bought plane tickets to fly down and meet the expectant mother. We just couldn’t stop celebrating and got to preparing for a sweet baby boy to enter our home!

Things sure did turn around quickly. It was on Valentine’s Day that we got the news that the expectant mother had gone missing. The agency we were working with promised to keep us updated, but the outcome was looking grim for us. Later on we found out the expectant mother had left the agency for more money elsewhere, and we never knew if she ended up placing her child. Our hearts were completely shattered.

beth-and-zach-daddyOur consultant, Rachel, along with Rebecca spent a lot of time talking us through this difficult experience. They also worked closely with our agency, and ultimately, helped us see the light that still shone through all of this! On April 10th, we matched with a baby girl that would be born just 5 days later. Rachel was beyond helpful in making sure everything was organized and that we would be ready to pack up and leave with all that we needed in 3 days. I’m not sure what I would have done without her. Being able to call her multiple times a day was a definite lifesaver!

On April 15th, just 5 months after working with RG Adoption Consulting, we met the newest love of our lives, sweet Jessa Marie! Our family grew by more than one that day, as we now consider her birth family as part of our own!


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