Adoption Insights from the Heart

What Is An Open Adoption Agreement?

How do adoptive parents and birth families maintain open adoptions? Or even keep their word on promises to remain open? It takes commitment, a little effort, and a post-adoption contact agreement, which is part of every adoption. A post-adoption contact agreement is a...

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My Funny Valentine

February 14th, 2012 is the day my son and I became a family in the eyes of the law.  It was marked by a phone call from my attorney. “Your adoption is officially finalized.” I’m sure he also said congratulations. Very anticlimactic and yet it was everything.  It was...

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Birth Parent Holiday Gift Guide

This month we have been focusing on Adoption and the Holidays: how to navigate this season as an adoptive family or hopeful adoptive parent, as well as how to care for those in your life who have been touched by adoption. And while it is easy for adoptive families to...

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