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How to Vet Adoption Situations

One of the final steps of the adoption process is receiving and vetting adoption situations from your agencies or attorneys. This happens after you complete home study, design your adoption profile, and find agencies to work with. Vetting adoption situations is what...

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How to Find the Right Home Study Agency

A home study is the process that will legally approve you to be able to adopt and is required for every adoption. It’s the process that will legally approve you to be able to adopt. The home study is a basic overview of your life—including criminal background checks,...

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The 30-Minute Post-It Party Exercise

One of the things you are going to be asked over and over again at different points throughout your adoption journey is, “What is your criteria? What are you open to in an adoption situation?” What race, what gender, what substance exposures, what mental...

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Don’t Make The #1 Mistake In Adoption

There are some mistakes people make when in the adoption process, so let me just give it to you straight. There are quite a few that I see happen all the time and they might be keeping you from adopting your baby... Not being ready for a baby. Well, you may SAY you...

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What It Takes to Find the Right Match

No really, what does it really take to find the right match? Just like anything in life it takes a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. A match in the world of adoption means an expectant mother has chosen you to place her child with and you have chosen her...

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The Importance of an Adoption Team

Having the right team in place is crucial in your adoption journey. This journey is truly one of the most difficult paths you will walk down in life, and it just isn't an option to try to do it all on your own. Want to watch Becca cover this herself? Check out the...

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