Adoption Insights from the Heart

Don’t Make The #1 Mistake In Adoption

There are some mistakes people make when in the adoption process, so let me just give it to you straight. There are quite a few that I see happen all the time and they might be keeping you from adopting your baby... Not being ready for a baby. Well, you may SAY you...

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What It Takes to Find the Right Match

No really, what does it really take to find the right match? Just like anything in life it takes a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. A match in the world of adoption means an expectant mother has chosen you to place her child with and you have chosen her...

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The Importance of an Adoption Team

Having the right team in place is crucial in your adoption journey. This journey is truly one of the most difficult paths you will walk down in life, and it just isn't an option to try to do it all on your own. Want to watch Becca cover this herself? Check out the...

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The Cost of Adoption

What does the “cost of adoption” include? For starters, you should expect to spend anywhere between $45K to $55K, which can seem very intimidating. However, let me break it down for you because those numbers include just about everything from start to finish. Want to...

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Multiple Adoption Agency Approach

If you’re at the stage of your adoption process where you are home study approved, your profile is ready, and you are considering what agency to sign up with, then this is where you’re going to want to pull out that notepad and jot a few things down. Let...

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The Storybook Process

The second step, and arguably the most important step, of the domestic infant adoption process is your adoption profile, or what I like to call the storybook process. It comes after you have completed your home study and submitted all your paperwork. To...

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Home Study Process

The first step, after deciding that you are ready to adopt, is completing your home study. An adoption home study is a fairly lengthy process that ultimately tells potential agencies you sign up with, expectant mothers, and the law that you are capable of...

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Being Ready for the Adoption Process

What does it mean to be ready for the adoption process? In this video, I offer a mental checklist that you should be checking off before you embark on this journey. Being prepared for adoption is not just about having a nursery or completing your home...

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FAQ: Infant Adoption

The adoption process can often feel like an emotional storm with never ending obstacles. I get it, I’ve been there. As an adoption consultant and adoptive mama, I know what you’re worried about. Here are things I hear from people all the time: Does is have...

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