"Rachel was always there for us, but most importantly, she made us hopeful that the right match with an expectant mother would happen. We are so grateful for her!"

Jennifer & Carlos, Florida


Carlos & Jennifer’s Story

We had always felt a connection to adoption and knew we wanted children. Fast forward through 5 years of marriage and we were finally ready to start our family. Infertility and health complications brought forth the path of adoption and we never looked back!

We notified our close friends and family about the decision and they were supportive of us every step of the way. It was scary and exciting at the very same time, but most of all we were hopeful to learn about the process that would make us parents.

As we embarked on this journey, we found there to be A LOT of information about adoption. It was overwhelming to say the least. Doubts began to creep in…as we went from thinking “This is going to happen!” to questioning whether an expectant mother would ever pick us. 

It was difficult to push those doubts aside and continue to move forward, but we did and are so grateful that we found RG Adoption Consulting along the way. Our home study agency recommended RGAC as a resource for our adoption process. 

We scrolled through RG Adoption’s success stories online and were so excited about the possibility of working with their team. Our first call with Becca was amazing! She was very informative and so helpful that we knew RG Adoption Consulting would help guide us to bringing home our baby.

Shortly after that initial call, we began working with our consultant, Rachel. She helped us get organized and provided valuable resources for our adoption profile, agencies, and more. She was always easy to reach and completely reassuring. 

Rachel’s optimistic perspective is what got us through the hard days of this process. Adoption is hard work. Through all the paperwork, education courses, and profile, the hardest part was still the wait to be matched. Rachel was always there for us, but most importantly, she made us hopeful that the right match with an expectant mother would happen. We are so grateful for her!

The best moment of this journey began with the call. I was so unprepared at work when my phone rang and it was our agency calling. I was in disbelief, just trying to find a chair to sit down in!

We were matched with a baby girl who was already born and her birth parents, who had already signed all the paperwork—meaning it was pretty much official…we were going to be parents!

The next day we drove 4 hours to meet her and it truly felt like a dream. We cried and cried. Then we held her and it was a moment we will never forget. She was in the NICU for 2 weeks, and luckily we were allowed to be by her side the entire time. 

Those two weeks flew by and before we knew it she was home and the family we had always dreamed of was complete.

This journey was full of surprises! Going into the process, we didn’t realize how much would be required of us and how we would be evaluated on our level of preparedness to become parents. However, the biggest and greatest surprise of all was being matched within 3 months of starting with RG Adoption Consulting!

Looking back, we would tell ourselves to stop being afraid and have faith that the right child will come into your life.

Going forward, we will continue to have a semi-open adoption with our daughter’s birth family. We send them letters and pictures of her through our agency, but hope that one day her birth family is comfortable with having her meet her siblings. 



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