"Our experience working with Becca was wonderful, and having an expert to talk through situations was highly beneficial."

Amy and John, Illinois
Amy and John’s Story!

Baby Picture for success story When we decided to put our plan for adoption in motion we had no clue where to start. Luckily an agency we talked to guided us toward the Chicago Area Families For Adoption conference, which is where we met Rebecca Gruenspan. We quickly realized we did not want to embark on the adoption journey alone and engaged the help of RG Adoption Consulting.

After working through Becca’s educational and profile modules, we were ready to apply to our agencies. Becca presented us with a number of agencies she had vetted and we chose three we decided to work with. Our match was made just two months after we applied and we were blessed with our child just three months later.

family picture for success storyBecca provided us with a wealth of useful information and references in an organized and easy-to-follow manner. She walked us through what to expect with the adoption process from home study to post-placement. The best thing about working with RG Adoption Consulting was having an expert with whom to talk through situations. It was those conversations that lead us to the right match.

Becca’s biggest strengths lie in her experience with creating profile books and her connections with agencies. While a frustrating process for sure, she helped us produce an adoption profile that truly represents us at our core…and obviously got the attention of the right birth mother.

The photographs of Amy & John and their family were taken complimentary, by photographer Tiia Norsym, an adoptee, through her partnership with the Red Thread Sessions organization. You can read about Tiia’s personal story here

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