"Being able to ask Rebecca million questions and knowing she was happy to answer them gave us peace of mind."

Brittany & Cody, Indiana
Brittany and Cody’s Story

We always talked about adopting. Having a medical condition that may make pregnancy difficult, we never even considered anything but adoption. Being a 1st grade teacher has only heightened my desire for a family of my own; and having other family members who had created their family through adoption made our choice an easy one. How to start down that path, though, was another question.

14711665_860149220786632_6928740828541808477_oWe spent time researching adoption consultants and wanted to work with an individual or smaller company, rather than a larger one because we felt we would have a better, more personal experience. So, when we came across RG Adoption Consulting, we were attracted to the idea of knowing exactly whom we would be working with. We made the right choice.

Rebecca provided all sorts of resources for us. She sent us names of agencies to consider for our home study, ideas for post-placement support groups after we brought home our baby, and many in between. Rebecca’s system of modules made our journey an easy one to navigate. Having a list of agencies to review that she had already vetted gave us so much comfort and put us at ease for a part of the process that was most concerning for us. The information and stats that were shared helped us come up with the agencies we felt were the best fit.

We clearly picked the right agencies for us. At a few different times on our journey, we were presented 2-3 image1situations at one time from multiple agencies. This made things pretty confusing and overwhelming to say the least. Rebecca was readily available to us each and every time, helping us weigh our options or come up with the best next steps. It was so nice to have someone we knew we could trust in our corner. Being able to ask Rebecca a million questions, knowing she was happy to answer them, rather than worrying we were annoying someone at one of our agencies or not handling a situation the correct way, gave us peace of mind.

We matched just 6 weeks after becoming active with our agencies and brought our beautiful, healthy daughter home a month after our match! We never imagined that 7 months from starting out on our journey to become a family, that dream would come true!

We would (and already have!) recommend RG Adoption Consulting to anyone considering adoption. Although it is another fee in a process that is expensive to begin with, we believe that the services and support that Rebecca provides are worth EVERY penny. She was someone to turn to with experience and proved she knows what she’s doing.

While sitting in the hotel after consents were signed and our daughter was in our arms, my husband Cody said, “By the way, if we journey through adoption again in our lives, we will DEFINITELY still be working with Rebecca.” Rebecca played a huge role in helping us find our daughter, and for that we are forever grateful.

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