Check Out Our Hold-Your-Hand-Every-Step Approach to Domestic Adoption

In this video, I personally walk you through our step-by-step Adoption Roadmap℠ — the very same approach that has helped most of my clients bring their baby home in 3-9 months.

I can promise you that by the end of this 15-minute video, you will have SO much more clarity around the adoption process, and a clear picture of how RG Adoption Consulting can help you navigate your adoption journey with less stress and confusion.

Wow! That was good stuff, right? If you didn’t take notes, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with your very own Step-by-Step Guide. I’ll email it to you right now and then, if you’d still like to chat, we’ll tell you how to set that up! Just fill out your info below.
*Please note: since COVID, adoptions have really slowed and we expect wait times to be much longer than normal. 

You’re thrilled and scared at the same time, amiright? Your mind is spinning with questions. Mine’s full of answers.

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