"Contacting RG Adoption Consulting felt like reaching for a lifeline. My consultant, with her warmth and understanding, held my hand through the uncertainty."

Danielle, New Jersey
Danielle’s Story

Pursuing adoption was not an easy decision. After grieving the loss of my baby girl, so close to my son’s birthday, I was emotionally shattered. Grief nestled deep within, darkening every corner of my world. The healing process took time and after months passed, dealing with infertility, adoption emerged as a flickering light amidst the darkness. I was ready to take a leap of faith.

Contacting RG Adoption Consulting felt like reaching for a lifeline. My consultant, with her warmth and understanding, held my hand through the uncertainty. Her voice was a comfort, grounding me when I felt adrift in a sea of doubts. Unlike the cold, impersonal agencies, RG Adoption Consulting felt like family—a safe haven in the storm.

The journey was tumultuous. Rejections piled up, each one a stab at my hopes. But in March 2023, everything changed. The adoption agency called to tell me I had been chosen by an expectant mother…it was truly surreal. I was overwhelmed when the social worker revealed it was a girl. My heart soared, and I couldn’t wait to share the exciting news with my consultant, my rock through it all.

My consultant’s steady reassurance became my lifeline. Her words echoed in my mind, guiding me through the stormy uncertainty, reminding me that this journey wasn’t meant to be smooth, but it would be worth it.

 July 19, 2023—a date etched in my heart forever. The first call with my daughter’s birth mother, the hesitant yet heartfelt meetings, and then, finally, holding my child… those moments were divine. Tears blurred my vision as I cradled this precious life, a culmination of prayers and dreams.

The speed of it all stunned me. I felt invisible in a world where certain families were preferred. But fate had different plans. My daughter’s incredible birth mother shattered those misconceptions, turning my despair into unwavering gratitude. Our bond flourished into a friendship I cherish beyond words.

Communication with her was paramount. Texts and FaceTime calls bridged the distance, nurturing a bond that felt destined. Our relationship is more than just an open adoption; it is a promise to honor her in our child’s life, a commitment to celebrate her role always.

If I could revisit that moment when I decided to adopt, I’d tell myself to hold on. Amidst the uncertainties, the heartaches, and the waiting, there was a miracle waiting to happen. Trust the journey, embrace the wait, because in the end, every tear shed and every doubt endured was worth it to bring my precious child home.

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