"Becca made us feel so comfortable as she guided us on our way."

Devin and Stephen, Illinois

My husband and I began our adoption journey in the summer of 2017. We have wanted kids since the day we met, and after almost a decade of discussing and dreaming, we finally found ourselves in a position to start walking down that path. A dear friend of ours was a friend of Becca’s, and we will forever thank her for bringing Becca into our lives.

Becca made us feel so comfortable as she guided us on our way. She helped us find a wonderful local agency where we would complete our home study and they soon became an extension of our support system.  The holiday season was approaching and by Christmas, we were completing our book and starting to imagine the birth mother who would find us; we started to dream of the child who was meant to be in our lives forever.

We were matched one month into the new year. It all seemed to happen very quickly. February of 2018 would bring us a new member of our family—our birth mother. We matched quite early in her pregnancy, and though we were aware of certain risks, we had 8 months to build a relationship that would be the foundation of the rest of our lives with our beautiful baby girl…who was born in September of 2018.

Our hearts were always open to having a relationship with our child’s birth mother, and actually something we really wanted if we were going to adopt. We were fortunate to have clicked with her right away. I know how important this relationship will be to our daughter one day, and we were surprised at the connection and level of trust we built together as well. Of course, we were a bit nervous as to how this would play out once our daughter was born. But, our daughter’s birth mother truly does feel like an extension to our family in a very comfortable and inviting way.

That 8 month match time did feel torturous at times. We had moments of doubt and started questioning everything at times. But all of that disappeared when we witnessed our daughter enter into this world. We got to cut the cord, were able to provide skin-to-skin, and care for our daughter from minute one. We couldn’t be happier with how our family has grown just a little bit bigger.


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