"Our road to adopting, along every trial and tribulation, was so beyond worth it!"

Erika & Ahmed, Naperville, IL
Erika & Ahmed’s Story

Our long, winding path to adopting began two years ago when we were referred to RG Adoption Consulting through another agency. We were so excited to be parents and knew that RGAC would help us get there.

At first, we struggled with the sheer amount of paperwork needed for our home study and multiple agencies. It was surprising that so much went into just simply being deemed a good parent. In our hearts, we knew we would be great parents and throughout our journey we were so grateful that our consultant, Sarah, helped us navigate the rough waters and tough times. She was so easy to work with and always had our backs no matter what.

Life got in the way of the process at times, but the hardest part of it all was the wait. When looking back on this journey, we would’ve told ourselves:​ give grace in the process and listen to your heart. You can do it and the right baby is waiting for you.

After updating our home study at the beginning of 2019, we were matched with a birth mother and child who was already five weeks old. It was everything we had been hoping and waiting for; however, things quickly went south and it ultimately resulted in a failed match. This only solidified our desire to adopt and we were excited to move forward.

erika-ahmed-familyIn August, we received the call that we matched with an expectant mother. It was one of the best moments throughout this journey, as we knew he would soon be ours. We planned to go meet our soon-to-be born son in September, and before we knew it, he was in our arms in a hospital in New York. We were so grateful for our son’s birth mother and her bravery. We even chose​ the name that she would have chosen for him. We keep in touch with her through a shared website, where we post updates and photos for her to see.

Adoption is not for the faint of heart, but in the end, everything fell into place for us. Our road to adopting, along every trial and tribulation, was so beyond worth it! We couldn’t have done it without the love and support from our consultant, Sarah and the RG Adoption Consulting team. We are eternally grateful!


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