"We don't know how we would've adopted without help and support from Becca."

Jonathan and Adam, Chicago
Jonathan and Adam’s Story

We always knew we were meant to be parents. After being together for 11 years and married for three years, we decided it was time for us to seriously begin looking into adoption. At first, we considered foster to adopt, but after attending an informational session and learning the primary goal of the foster care system was reunification, we knew we wanted to go down a more permanent route.

It was when we found out my coworkers had adopted and used RG Adoption Consulting that we began to look into the idea of domestic infant adoption. They raved about RG Adoption Consulting, their Adoption Roadmap process, and amazing guidance, so we were so excited to give Becca a call. It was a call that affirmed our decision, made things less overwhelming, and allowed for us to be hopeful about the adoption process!

We signed up with RG Adoption Consulting and quickly began our home study process. We were ready to get down to business and that we did!  At the beginning of 2019, our home study was approved and we were ready to be presented to expectant mothers. It was nerve-racking to say the least, but our consultant was there for us through it all: finding agencies that fit our criteria, vetting situations, designing our profile, and so much more.

Before we knew it five months had passed and we finally got the call. We were matched with an expectant mother who saw a total of 34 profiles and ended up choosing us! It was a feeling of pure joy, as we were over the moon. Throughout her pregnancy, Adam and I made sure to get to know her. We found common interests to talk about, texted all the time, and bonded over the unborn child she carried that would soon be a part of all of our lives. By the end of her pregnancy, we had built a great relationship with our soon-to-be daughter’s birthmother.

When we heard our daughter had arrived 5 weeks early, we scrambled to get on a flight the next day! Thanks to the preparation and conversations we had had with Becca beforehand, we felt as prepared as we could be for this great, big, exciting change in our lives.

Everything after leaving for Arizona was a blur! We went straight to the hospital, spent two nights there, and got through ICPC two weeks later. At the end of it all, we were happily at home with our daughter. It happened so fast and there were so many things to think about that we truly didn’t know how we would’ve done it without the extra help and support from Becca.

We are excited for this next part of our journey now as dads!


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