"It was a pleasure working with Becca and Rachel; I couldn't have done it without them!

Kim, Atlanta, GA

I have always wanted kids, but my yearning for that special bond grew exponentially after spending time with and caring for my cousin’s children. As life would have it, I wasn’t having much luck with meeting a partner that also wanted children. I didn’t want to wait for the “right” person or the “right” time anymore. The longer I wondered, waited, and wished only meant I was wasting precious time I could have had with my child, so I decided to take the leap and pursue the idea of adoption. I was stable with my career, my goals were aligned for the future, and I was ready to fulfill my dreams of becoming a mother.


Tackling the adoption process head-on is not necessarily an easy task. I was left feeling lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated coupled with having no idea where to start. I remember spending hours sifting through adoption message boards, and just reading and trying to figure it all out, but ultimately, realizing I couldn’t do this on my own.

Thankfully, the stars aligned in my favor when I saw someone suggest using a consultant and found some good reviews about RG Adoption Consulting. I decided it was time to make a move and give Becca a call. I’m so glad I did. The support I received, the advice I was given throughout my journey, and the situations my consultant, Rachel vetted with me were invaluable.

It’s safe to say that I learned a lot through this process. Learning how to practice patience allowed me to stay focused when picking the right situation and remain hopeful for being picked for the right situation.

kim-baby-2One of the best moments of the process was completing my adoption profile. After pouring myself into this storybook, I was ready for the right match. While it was sometimes an emotional roller coaster both for myself and my family who were on this journey with me, and having experienced a failed adoption, I was eventually picked by an expectant mother who would give birth to my son. I was ecstatic and ready to embrace motherhood.

Dreams really do come true! It was a pleasure working with Becca and Rachel; I couldn’t have done it without them and their unyielding support.

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