"Choosing to grow your family through adoption is challenging. Rebecca gave us hope."

Kinjal and George, Illinois
Kinjal and George’s Success Story

On August 4th, 2017,  we learned that we matched with our daughter’s biological parents. Rebecca called rg-adoption-consulting-kinjal-george-baby-576x1024us to share the news, and we were joyfully stunned. We had only been showing profiles since June so knew how lucky we were.

After our first time speaking with the birthparents, we felt even more excitement. They asked to meet us so we flew out to meet them the next month. It was a very special visit, as they invited us to see an ultrasound of our daughter. It was an incredibly generous act of the biological parents, and a memory we will always treasure. Meeting them in person allowed for us to really connect and gave us faith that they were truly committed to adoption as their plan.

On October 11th, we got a call that our birth mom was going into labor. We landed two hours after our daughter was born. When we arrived at the hospital, she was in her biological grandmother’s arms, but as soon as I saw her, I instantly felt bonded. I just knew she was meant to be our daughter.

rg-adoption-consulting-kinjal-george-sistersThe hospital was generous enough to provide us with a nesting room right next to the biological parents. Of course, it was hard to know that our joy came from their pain. However, it was a very good opportunity for them to heal. They loved watching our daughter bond with us and her older sister.

Since returning home, our joy has only increased. Our family truly feels more complete. Choosing to grow your family through adoption is challenging, but we have met so many beautiful people along the way. The beauty has definitely outshined the hard parts.

Throughout our journey, Rebecca was a wonderful guide and supporter. She gave us realistic hope. It goes without saying that we would not have our special gift without her. She is a very educated professional, and in tune with all aspects of adoption. She was critical to our successful match.

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