Becca's multi-agency strategy was brilliant!

Margaret & Kobi, CT

With two daughters through adoption, we knew our family wasn’t quite yet complete. We wanted to grow our family, but were worried it would be difficult adopting for the third time. In that moment of worry, we luckily stumbled upon RG Adoption Consulting.

Becca was interviewing adoptive moms for her own research and Margaret was one of the volunteers. When she spoke to Becca over the phone, Margaret talked about her journey as a mother of two little girls and how she knew in her heart that she was meant to have three children. It was as if all the cards were falling into place. Margaret instantly knew she was meant to find and work with Becca and RG Adoption Consulting in our family’s journey to adopting again. We had worked with adoption consultants for our previous adoption journeys. While we knew a consultant was the best way to navigate our third adoption as well, we also knew we needed a change. After talking to Becca, even just briefly, it felt like we were taking in a breath of fresh air.

Our journey was not quite smooth sailing. We struggled with an unbelievable amount of paperwork required by each agency and grew frustrated by the process at times. However, Becca was entirely honest with us every step of the way. Her multi-agency strategy was brilliant, as we knew we were casting a wide net with our agencies, in hopes of bringing our third baby home sooner. Spoiler alert: we brought our baby home sooner than we ever thought we would!


The best moments of this journey were getting the call that our birth mother had picked us, being in the operating room for our daughter’s delivery, and watching our girls meet their newest sister! The accumulation of these moments made everything else worth it. Through this third journey to adopting, we were truly surprised when realizing how different each of our children’s situations are. Yet, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our family of five is now complete and whole and perfect!

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