"We are so grateful to Devin for absolutely everything he has done for our beautiful family!"

Mary & Bert, IL

Bert and I had been married for five years when we decided to be more proactive in expanding our family. After going through several unsuccessful and painful fertility treatments, we knew that we were done with that route and started to pursue domestic infant adoption. Early on our home study agency recommended RG Adoption Consulting, and after our first call with Becca we never looked back. We were assigned to work with Devin (love him!) and from there things moved more quickly than we could have imagined.


Devin immediately began working with us at our pace and was always there for us with all of our questions (there were many). He gave us the positive, and yet still real world answers, that we were looking for. We were especially intimidated to navigate adoption rules/laws/practices in other states, but ultimately found the resources that Devin provided invaluable.

We completed our home study in September, our profile in October (which we also adored by the way, having Our Chosen Child help us to complete our book was HUGE for us), and began researching out-of-state agencies by November.

mary-bert-daughter-1By mid-November we were matched with an expectant mother and less than 24 hours later, we were boarding a plane to be there for the birth which was scheduled for the next day. Meeting our future daughter and her now first mother was the absolute greatest moment of our life, and we cannot thank RG Adoption Consulting enough for helping to make it all happen.

While we were out of state waiting for ICPC to clear, Devin even set up a visit for us with one of the other RG Adoption consultants that happened to live in the area. Being able to meet another member of the RG team, when we were so far away from home and living in a hotel with an infant, was just so meaningful to us and made us feel even more connected to our support system.

Our relationship has evolved to being fully open with our daughter’s birth mother, and it has been the most amazing thing for our family! We continue to build our adoption community, taking advantage of every resource we find as we work towards being a responsible transracial family and trying to give our daughter every bit of support that we can. We cannot recommend working with RG Adoption Consulting enough and are so grateful to Devin for absolutely everything he has done for our beautiful family.

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