"Though there were no signs that Lucas' birthmother would have a change of heart, Sarah was texting and supporting us while we waited for the papers."

Megan & Jake, Michigan

After conceiving our first son, we knew we wanted to expand our family. However, we dealt with miscarriages and unexplained infertility. We knew adoption would be the perfect way to grow our family; yet we were overwhelmed by the process. We shared our plans to adopt with some of our close friends who were further along in the process. They recommended we call Becca. From the initial consultation we had with her, we felt confident about our decision and relieved to have an expert guide us through the process. After a short time on the waitlist, we began our work—to our good fortune, we learned we would be working with both Sarah and Becca.

Sarah and Becca walked us through the entire process and helped us find an agency to do our home study. Though grueling and at times overwhelming, the process was smooth and fast. Sarah and Becca recommended a number of agencies that met our criteria. We chose three of them and quickly applied. Through the application process, we felt strongly connected with one particular agency. Their application process was the longest and most intense yet we felt confident they had our best interest in mind. On December 15th, we were officially active with the agency and our wait began.

We had heard the wait could be lengthy so we prepared ourselves accordingly. On January 11, less than a month after we became “actively waiting,” Jake and I were both home really sick with the flu. That afternoon, we got the call from the agency in Florida that an expectant mother had chosen our family for her unborn child. They read us the mother’s profile and we felt right away this was a perfect match for our family. We learned the baby was due February 14, but would likely come early. After a quick and very helpful consultation with Sarah and Becca, we accepted the match and began preparing for our new baby.

rg-adoption-consulting-block-family-brothersOn February 6th, the day before Lucas’ scheduled birth, we flew down to Orlando to be at the hospital. We were so excited to be a family of 4. Lucas was born on the afternoon of February 7th. We were expecting to be in the hospital with him for at least two nights; however, his birthmother received an early discharge. Though there were no signs that Lucas’ birthmother would have a change of heart, Jake and I went to our car and nervously waited while the papers were signed. Sarah was texting us and supporting us throughout the entire time. We left the hospital with Lucas a day later and we were officially a family of 4—our dream come true.


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