"RG Adoption Consulting's building approach was truly amazing."

Megan, Colorado
Megan’s Story

Adoption has always been etched within my heart as a pathway to expanding my family. As a single woman, I initially felt that adoption might not be an option for me, assuming birth families wouldn’t choose a single mother. Yet, delving into the journey, I encountered a network of single moms who had embarked on this path. Their stories were a beacon of encouragement, fortifying my resolve to pursue this dream.

Before discovering RG Adoption Consulting, the journey appeared overwhelming. The process of initiating adoption felt like navigating an intricate labyrinth. Then I learned about consulting firms that expertly guide families through adoption. RG Adoption Consulting, led by Rebecca herself, a single mother, seemed like the perfect fit. Upon my first conversation with Rachel, my consultant, her words ignited my confidence. She assured me that single moms indeed found success through adoption. Empowered by her words, I embarked on this journey.

Working with RG Adoption Consulting, especially Rachel, was priceless. Rachel expertly guided me through the Adoption Roadmap, offering advice and support during highs and lows, even through a disrupted adoption. RGAC’s community-building approach was truly amazing.

The journey had its tough moments. A year ago, a challenging adoption fall-through knocked me down. Rachel’s guidance helped me bounce back from the emotional blow. Her resources for adoption funding and matching were like a guiding light during my darkest times.

Some moments sparkled amid the obstacles. My first chat with my daughter’s birth mother was a treasure. Shared interests formed unbreakable bonds. Witnessing my daughter’s birth felt magical; the hospital scene painted our emotional connection. Those special days and nights were unforgettable, painting a unique story for my daughter and me.

The adoption process unfolded surprisingly fast. Matching with an expectant mother within a week defied expectations. Hope and determination allowed me to cradle my baby in just a year after a challenging adoption fall-through.

My connection with my daughter’s birth mother transformed into a sisterly bond. Meeting her before the hospital, being by her side, and sharing our daughter’s first moments cemented our relationship. Her dedication matched mine, underscoring our connection. As we move forward, we aim to be an unwavering support system for our precious child as our bond continues to grow.

If I could offer advice to my past self, I’d whisper: “Adoption is a tough journey. It tests, breaks, and strengthens you. Embrace the struggles, for they lead to triumph. The challenges prepare you for your child’s life. Love will make it all worthwhile, so embrace every moment.”


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