"Becca went above and beyond other consultants we talked to."

Kelly and Peter, Ohio
Peter and Kelly’s Story

Peter and Kelly had a combined family of 4 already, but knew they wanted one more. After trying on their own for a long time, they turned to adoption and found their way to me for guidance. This one was extra sweet for me since I went to high school with both of them.

Although everyone involved thought adoption might take a bit longer for them, Peter and Kelly kept things diligently moving forward with an open heart and an open mind. They were home-study-ready when we started working together at the beginning of June, and in July, had already presented themselves for a “situation.” While that one didn’t pan out, they certainly let me know they were serious.

By August, we were reviewing agencies for them to work with when another situation presented itself. This time, they were chosen by a birth mother in Florida! It turned out that the birth mother decided to parent her baby after she was born, which was devastating for Peter and Kelly, but they understood and supported the birth mother’s decision.

Peter and Kelly's BabyAfter a short period of grieving, they were ready to keep the process moving forward and yet another situation presented itself immediately. They presented again, but fortunately for them, they were not chosen. Fortunately because the birth mother from Florida realized, after a few weeks of parenting, that she really did make the right decision in the first place. Because Peter and Kelly had been so kind to her throughout, she had no doubt in her mind they they were the parents for her daughter. Peter and Kelly hopped back on a plane to Florida on November 18, 2014, to pick up their beautiful, 3-week-old baby girl! They certainly had a lot to be thankful for that Thanksgiving!

Here’s what they had to say…

“Working with Becca at RG Adoption Consulting was possibly the best decision we made during our adoption journey. Becca is knowledgeable about the adoption process, and helps you through it with kindness, patience and compassion.

The best part about working with RG Adoption Consulting was having someone to help us through the complicated process, having someone to call for help, and having someone to talk to that understood what we were going through.

Becca went above and beyond other consultants we talked to and was willing to look at the specifics of our situation and work with us accordingly. If it weren’t for Becca connecting us with different agencies and opportunities, we would NOT have our baby girl!

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