"Becca had insight and encouragement!"

Sarah and Kyle, Michigan
Sarah and Kyle’s Story

Our journey to becoming parents was a long, emotional roller coaster. We started the process of becoming a family seven years ago starting with fertility meds, then moving on to three cycles of IVF. At the time, we were devastated that we could not conceive and create a family naturally. We decided in December of 2014 that we would move on to adoption, as we believed that this would help us create our family that we deeply wanted. We met with our home study agency and completed the long process of paperwork, doctor visits, finger prints, and background checks.

A family member mentioned to us one day that we should look into an adoption consultant, as they could help us adopt quicker than usual, as they could link us up with multiple adoption agencies at one time. This sounded ideal to us, so we Google adoption consultants and found RG Adoption Consulting. Rebecca Gruenspan, founder of RG Adoption Consulting, was our first phone call and we decided quickly that we would begin the process with her. Shortly after this, we matched by word of mouth with an expectant mom. Although Rebecca was there to guide us through our next steps, we put our services on hold. This situation unfortunately fell through prior to the baby being born, so we reconvened with RG Adoption Consulting where we had previously left off.

We were provided statistics from several potential adoption agencies, and settled on three different agencies, in three different states. After completing the mounds of paperwork sending out several copies of our profile book, the wait began. We ended up matching very quickly with an agency we didn’t even realize we were active with yet. We received a phone call from the agency stating that we had been chosen by an expectant mother who was due in three months. We were over the moon excited and couldn’t wait. Although there were some known risks, we decided to take our chances. We flew down to Florida and met the birth mom and we clicked instantly. As we got closer to the due date, we started to get the feeling that this adoption was not going to go through. We were heartbroken to find out that the day before we were supposed to fly to Florida for the birth of the baby, the birth mom had the baby and didn’t tell anyone. She ultimately decided to parent. This was extremely emotional and devastating because we were so close this go around.

We weren’t sure after two fall throughs if were going to able to put ourselves out there for a third time, but Rebecca remained supportive and extremely hopeful. Time started to heal the wounds of the second fall through. It had been five months that we had not been chosen by another birth mom at our agency. We pushed the idea ofimg_31281 becoming parents to the back of our minds and just focused on being happy. Little did we know that our daughter would make her appearance in July 2016 and we didn’t even know about her until the day she was born! They call this a “Stork Drop.” We received the call that a baby girl had been born and the agency wanted to know if we would want our profile to be shown to the birth mom. We were hesitant at first and after lots of tears and fear in our hearts that we would be rejected again, we said YES! The next day, we received another call that we had been chosen by the birth mom and that we could fly to Florida as soon as possible. It was a whirlwind of emotions and pure chaos as we tried to get things in order for us to leave Michigan to go meet our DAUGHTER. Two days after we received the original call, we were on a plane to Florida. We walked into the hospital at 7:58 PM to greet our case worker from the adoption agency. We shared LOTS of smiles and hugs and made our way to the NICU. We actually got LOST trying to get into the NICU the first time, which we all laughed about.

Once the NICU doors opened and we were directed to the bed of our DAUGHTER, it was love at first sight. The nurse was actually getting ready to feed her, so we were instantly able to hold her and give her a bottle. All of the heartache of the past fall throughs instantly went away. We knew as soon as we saw her that she was meant to be ours, was created just for us. We were over the moon in love and couldn’t believe that we were finally parents, finally a FAMILY.

We stayed in the NICU for eight days and were cleared to fly home when she was three weeks old. We were able to surprise both sets of grandparents with our arrival home. In a family that has been waiting for a miracle to happen for so many years, there will never be a child more loved and cherished.

There are so many things that we loved about working with RG Adoption Consulting! One of the best things though, is that Rebecca was there for us through every step of the way. From us going through two failed adoptions to working through our profile book to finally adopting our precious baby girl, Becca had insight and encouragement.

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