"Becca's consultation was the most important decision we made in our adoption journey, and she was worth every penny."

Simone and Joe, Virginia
Simone & Joe’s Success Story

We always knew that we wanted to have kids and looked forward to the first steps, first word, the daily block towers, and all the other joys that come with parenting. Unfortunately, after a few miscarriages, we knew that adoption was the path we needed to go down in order to have that family we always dreamed of. Joe has cousins and friends who are adopted so he has been in the adoption world his whole life.

hanley2When we first decided to adopt, our first stop was Google. But it didn’t take long before we were completely overwhelmed by the volume of information (and misinformation) online. We found out about RG Adoption Consulting from a Podcast on Infant Adoption Guide. When we came across Rebecca, the idea of having a consultant to guide us through the process was extremely attractive so we took the plunge, and we are SO GLAD we did.

After our first (of several) phone consultations with Rebecca, the confusing soup of information disappeared and she left us with clarity and a clear path forward. And with each step (home study, profile, matching and placement), she was there to guide us through and give us the confidence to feel like we were making the right decisions. In particular, her assistance with our profile was indispensable. It was tough (and often frustrating) work, but the end result was a profile that not only made us proud but ended up being the reason our birth mother chose us. It truly spoke to who we are.

We matched with our birthmother six weeks after applying to our agencies, and two weeks after that, had our son in our arms!

hanley_1Our initial conversation with Rebecca left us feeling relief. There’s so much information out there on adoption. Google became a scary place. Rebecca laid out each phase of the process so that we had a realistic idea of what to expect. It made everything less overwhelming, and gave us the confidence to feel like we were doing things right. Rebecca’s consultation was the most important decision we made in our adoption journey and was worth every single penny.

With Rebecca’s help we were able to be with our baby after just 6 months into our adoption journey and are so happy to embrace all the firsts and everyday joys with our son today.

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