"My advocate and RG Adoption Consultant, Rachel made the biggest impact during this journey."

Sophie, Florida


Sophie’s Story

I have always known from a very young age that I wanted to start my family through adoption. There is no way I can put it into words, but I have always known that my family was out there, and I would find them. Most importantly, I knew that we would find each other. 

baby-boy-sophie-adoption-storyI decided to start the journey of becoming a mother as a single woman. I did not tell anyone, possibly because I was afraid of the negative comments I would receive. My fears were not completely unfounded as I did come across people and even agencies that looked down on the fact that I was a single person. I think that is one of the reasons why it took me so long to actually find an agency, because I felt that I would still come up against those barriers. 

Eventually, I opened up to my family and friends and they were all supportive. My parents were excited and overjoyed at the thought of having another grandchild. This journey has not been easy, for there has been a lot of turbulence along the way, but it is all worth it now that I have my son Maxwell.

Honestly, my advocate and RG Adoption Consultant, Rachel made the biggest impact during this journey. There were days and certainly nights where I was so frustrated and distraught. I would text and call her without ever scheduling an appointment to talk through my fears around placement never happening. Rachel was always quick to help calm me down. The online client community, too, proved helpful and supportive in times of discouragement. It is wonderful to know that there is a community that knew what I was going through.

My adoption process included many highs and lows. The beginning was great, I completed my home study within a month of signing with RG Adoption Consulting. Although my adoption process started off fast, the pandemic soon caused my journey to slow down. Grappling with the effects of the pandemic along with the decreased number of adoption situations I saw proved to be challenging. 

The uncertainty and repeated feelings of not having control over anything proved difficult. After two failed adoptions, I felt as if the universe was against me. My consultant, Rachel, was amazing and helped to assure me that my baby was out there. She just kept reminding me that whoever they were, they were waiting for me. I also received tremendous support from my family, friends, and co-workers. 

sophie-single-adoptive-black-momWhen I finally was able to meet my child for the first time, it felt like a dream. I could not believe that it had finally happened. Honestly, it was not until I was home with my parents that everything started coming together. I was still in disbelief. The moment they placed him in my arms, I knew he was meant for me. 

One piece of advice I would give myself, knowing what I know now, is to be patient, realistic, and flexible. The adoption process is not for the faint of the heart, nor is it like what we see on television. Adoption is traumatic and I feel that it is important that people openly speak about the trauma that comes along with adoption. 

I am lucky to have a positive and open relationship with my son’s birth mother. We met twice after the baby was born, and we now continue to talk via text. We even have spoken through FaceTime, and I assume we will continue to do so throughout my son’s childhood. I plan to visit in person at least once a year, and my hope would even be to spend holidays together in the future. 

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